What is vim.reaper?

Over the years, I have slowly built up a configuration for neovim, adding functionality as the need arises.

With all my keybindings, plugins, and settings, my init.nvim file was well over 700 lines long. Debugging and editing settings was a chore.

With vim.reaper, I have split that configuration file into multiple modular pieces, that can easily be tweaked to fit the needs of the individual user. Not only that, but I adhere to my practice of keeping a theme consistent where possible. vim.reaper uses the wal theme, and will highlight syntax and icons appropriately.

Additionally, you get sane default keybindings that are easy to learn. Complex functions are available with just a few intuitive keypresses!

My goal was to create a configuration that is easy to modify, grants access to IDE like features, and can be updated and deployed with ease. As I update this configuration, I will inch further towards these goals.

Please feel free to submit a pull request. I would love to make the configuration more robust across all systems, and incorporate features that are wanted by users.